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An Impeccable Sailing Vacation at Athens-Lavrion, Greece


An Impeccable Sailing Vacation at Athens-Lavrion, Greece


Finding the best sailing vacation in different destinations, Athens-Lavrion, Greece is one of the best places. Athens is the capital city of Greece and one of the oldest cities in the world. It is said to be a city of arts, learning and philosophy where great philosophers came from. This city has captured the hearts of the people, especially in terms of vacation.

Different sailing vacation locations:

Eastern Mediterranean - coast has showed a perfect place for cruising and sailing with an average temperature that is appropriate for sailing.

Sarunic Gulf – features little wind and waters are just flat and calm. But, during the mid-year, Lavrion will experience strong winds. Most of the sailors are experts on the kinds of wind in the place.

Lavrion – is a place of beautiful bays that surrounds Greece. Most tourists find the place an interesting place to experience and find it suitable for vacation. Unique architectural designs are found in this place. You can also find the castles in the hilltop and even old churches as one of the attractions to the place. Various attractions will be seen in the beaches and coastlines that are great place for swimming and snorkelling.

Hydra – is a place of Athens, Greece where the centre of attraction is the culture of the people and its architecture. Most tourists find the place exciting and challenging for them where walking and donkeys are the only means of transformation. This is a place where travellers used to spend their vacation for relaxation away from a big busy city.

Temple of Poseidon – A place they consider to be the temple of the God of the Sea, Poseidon. Below the temple of Poseidon was a place where they anchor the luxurious yacht and made the place a landmark for the mariners where the view of the sunset will be distinguish and appreciated.

Lion of Kea – Island of Kea which they often call Kea Isle is found to have many beautiful springs and streams. With the great history of the ancient Greece, the island of Kea is said to be the most visited place of the native people and tourists, as well.

Athens-Lavrion, Greece has known to their best powered yachts and sailing boats that used by the sailors, travellers and tourists in having their tours in different beautiful islands and places that speaks of beauty and culture. This charter will guide you in choosing the best destinations of the place and great attractions for the travellers.

This place has perfect weather for vacation from April to October and from July to August brings stronger winds that gives joy and challenges to the sailors. You can avail on sailing notes, maps, guidelines, historical backgrounds of the place, its culture and beautiful views that a traveller needs. Reviews are available for your easy understanding and they will provide insights of the destinations and for your interest.

You can visit online and search for your guide and more details regarding on Athens-Lavrion, Greece sailing vacation packages. Greece is absolutely the perfect place for you to go!


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