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Bareboat Sailing Vacations in Corfu, Greece

Bareboat Sailing Vacations in Corfu, Greece 

Be enthralled with the true beauty and historical essence of Greece’s lovely Ionians Islands in the Mediterranean. It does not only offer pleasure from its alluring beaches and dynamic taverns, these Islands also hold one of the world’s most intriguing archaeological sites, the Corfu’s best sailing vacation. As the most ideal way to cartel open-water exploration, Corfu yacht chapter provides thrilling expeditions in the southern hilly, wooded and forested larger islands to the scenic quaint ports of call on the mainland coast of Greece. The grand history of the Ithaca islands and the over welcoming people of the region add more to the reason why most travellers stay long and enjoy more in the islands. This is one great opportunity everyone should experience!


Sailing in Corfu

In Greece most especially in the northern and in southern Ionian Islands, Corfu sailing is prevalent and island tour vacation could be a splendid idea. It is also associated with Odysseus of Ithaca, the fearless ruler, the Trojan War hero and the Odyssey, a poem written by Homer. On the month of April up to November, cruising season is on. Navigation is better and straightforward with wind range from 10 to 15 knots. Tidal current is non-existent. The usual tide range is up to two feet or less. Currents though are pretty much noticeable in Lefkas Canal which is known to be at sea level. Yacht charter at Corfu is well enough reachable by sailors whose has experience and has basic skills in coastal navigations. During the cruise season, average temperature range at most 82 °F, less 76°F.

Corfu Highlights

The Ionian Islands of the Ionian Sea are among the most striking in Greece.  All named from Hilly the Greek nymph, the archipelago’s main seven islands presents stunning beaches which was named after the Greek nymph Hilly- Corfu, Lefkas, Paxos, Meganisi, Zakynthos, Ithaca and  Kefalonia feature picturesque beaches, friendly towns, and divine secluded coves. Numerous monasteries as well as churches reflect religious history, grandeur and architecture of Greece.


Corfu is often denoted as the jewel of the Ionian Sea. It is described that the island is shaped like a chopped lamb. The place is blessed with beautiful beaches, mild climate, and history richer than any other place that exists. Gouvia is located on the east coast, a place referred to as the key centre of Venetian stronghold, two impressive fortresses extending between either side.

Narrow streets, pub squares, welcoming taverns and intriguing shops are found in the Venetian district. It is a maze of picturesque narrow streets with small public squares lined with intriguing shops and hospitable taverns.

Drogarati Cave

Abundance of vineyards, pine forests and olive groves resulted from plenty rainfall or more in other parts of Greece. Drogarati is a magnificent tavern decorated with bright orange lights of stalactites and stalagmites. The cave’s main halls even provide a venue for acoustics and concerns. Also beneath the waters of the sea lies Monopetra at the west coast of Corfu. It is described as an ancient and long sailing vessel.


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