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Sailing Through the Cyclades Islands


Sailing Through the Cyclades Islands


The Cyclades is a very popular island group which can be found in the Aegean Sea. This island group is located southwest of mainland Greece and is considered by a lot of people to be one of the best sailing spots in the world. The Cyclades has more than two hundred islands and twenty-one of them are inhabited. These major islands feature great ports which are perfect for yachts or sailboats. It is in this island group where you will be able to experience a nice cosmopolitan culture and a laidback, tranquil lifestyle. If you wish to go island hopping, here are the top islands that you should definitely consider visiting.

Amorgos – Amorgos might only contain a few beaches, but you will definitely enjoy swimming off the rocks. It is not really known because of its beaches, but it is visited because of its numerous taverns and awesome nightlife. If it is beaches you want, you should go to Agiali, a port located at the northern part of the island. You should also visit the Monastery of Chozoviotissa. From Amorgos, you will easily get to small islands such as Iraklia and Koufonisi.

Folegandros – A lot of people consider Folegandros to be one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades. In fact, a lot of experts would agree that it is the undoubtedly the most beautiful island in Greece. A lot of painters and poets go to this place for inspiration. The capital of this island is situated high in the mountains. You might want to visit the capital because of its bars and taverns.

Mykonos – This is one of the most popular islands in the Cyclades. This is because there is an international airport in this island. A lot of tourists from all over Greece and even from the rest of the world flock to this place during the summer. During the windy months, a lot of sailboats also flock to its ports. The beaches are excellent and that is why you should expect a lot of tourists. The intense nightlife in Mykonos makes it one of the most visited islands in all of Greece. It has a lot of restaurants and other amenities and that is why it is considered to be the sailor's paradise.

Sifnos – This Island is perfect for any person no matter what age he is. It is the perfect island for families. Like the other islands in the Cycadles, this also has a very fun nightlife. There are also a lot of beaches on the island and is considered to be the favorite of a lot of tourists. You should definitely stop by the Port of Kamares if you want to dine in restaurants and drink a few beers in its luxurious bars. Sailors who visit Sifnos always return.

Tinos – This Island is very close to Mykonos and that is why you might want to visit this island next. It has numerous traditional villages and picturesque landscapes. It also has a very rich history. The most popular building in this island is the Panagia Evangelestria, and people from different parts of Greece visit thisAlmost every yacht from Mykonos stops here.


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