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Discovering Greece

I love using a motorboat any chance I get, and so when the opportunity came to go sailing in Greece, I jumped right on it! I had heard of the Greek Islands, with each having its own unique Island, and also the fact that while in Greece, at every turn you make you will come face to face with History. Anyway fast forward to when I arrived in Greece, I will go through the places I had the most fun in and why.

North of Corfu town is a tiny little village known as Nisaki, with houses that are integrated into olive wood, Nisaki is just the place to be when you want to escape and just relax. I hired a sailboat, went scuba diving and enjoyed the lovely views and stunning landscape. From Nisaki, I decided to explore some beaches, just to get a feel of the area. I went to Paros Island for my beach exploration, I went to a beautiful beach which was right in the middle of the village of Aliki, and I must say it is a great place to relax, especially for the families. Piso Livadi, I am told is quite busy on the weekends, but since I went on a weekday, I got to enjoy the not so classical beach area, with a nice bar that offered me a nice view, there some motorboats and sailboats that were docked by the beach as well.

A boat ride took me to Antiparos, which had two marvelous beaches that were on the quiet side, the little island itself reeked of interesting history, which could be why it is frequented. Still on Islands, I took a sailboat out to Samos, which is a very beautiful island indeed with mouth watering dishes and perfect pebble beaches. Santorini Island, much as it was on the expensive side, is another must visit while in Greece. When I arrived at Naxos Island, it seemed like it was the place to be with the number of catamarans and sailboats dropping off people, the Island had some lovely sandy beaches. Other Islands I visited were Thassos, MykonosKos, and Skiathos, each with their own special attraction.

Among the many gems to be discovered in Greece, is Ormos Marathokampou on the south coast of  Samos. This small beautiful village has some really gorgeous sceneries, worth taking photos of. A beautiful sandy beach, Psili Ammos is also worth a visit while in the area. Still in Samos, Pythagoria is a spot to be if you want a stunning view of beauty and authenticity. The harbor is occupied with every manner of boat in different sizes from the motorboat, to the sailboats, yachts and catamaran. There are a number of restaurants, bars and some souvenir shops.

All in all, Greece is a memorial experience worth having, and not only for the sails on its beautiful waters that will take you to a new world, but also the history it holds, the culture it emits and the mouth watering dishes it throws up.




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