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Magic Of Cirali, Turkey

Ready for an historical adventure, then pack your bags and let’s head out to the agricultural village of Cirali in the southwest of Turkey. One of the last unspoiled natural areas southwest of the Antalya coastline, Cirali is home to a secluded beach, close to the ruins of Olympos, and flames of the Chimaera. This is a stunning place to be in. You can really have a very good time here.


Cirali A Wonder of the Nature.

Cirali, one of the Mediterranean’s spots for families to take a holiday, a place for anyone to take a rest, or the occasional travel writer to come and write about with its unique beach filled with sun warmed sands, smooth pebbles, and blue ocean view. With its beach front café’s, Cirali is the perfect place to put in anchor from a day of sailing and enjoy the many sites of the island. Although, umbrellas and beached kayaks can be seen along the small strip of beach front cafes, which is proof that the out of the way resort has progressed in catering to the needs of travelers; it still has not succumbed to the normal hustle and bustle of the tourist attractions like that of the booming gateway resort city of Antalya, just an hour away. This place can really have some options in sailing too. You can visit this place with your friends and family and really have a good time in every way. There is so much to see that you will be tired and shocked to see certain things which will not be there in anywhere other then here.

Just south along the beach, lays the site of Olympos a great place to study the natural wildlife of the region. Overlooking the beach and the beach, the first things that you notice are the sweeping Byzantine-Genose fortifications. Towards the south bank stands part a wall and an arcaded warehouse, to the east lay the walls of a Byzantine Church. This is something worth seeing and your family will really enjoy watching all this. Here sailing is also very popular and you can hire a yatch and have a good time by going to various islands. Always take help of a good yatch hiring company to plan things for you.

The Amazing Cirali village


The eternal flame of the Chimaera is about an hour walk north from the Cirali village. A series of flames flowing out of cracks in the bare hillside, the Chimaera is a site to behold. It is not known what causes the flames to stay ignited; however there have been traces of methane gas located in the flames. It is said that when Bellerophon killed the Chimaera and dropped into the mouth of the mountain that is what fueled the eternal flames. This is a stunning site.

With so much history and the many hidden areas to explore, this makes Cirali one of the best places to stop off at while on your sailing tour.


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