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Sailing on the Turkish Turquoise Coast

A Gulet, which is a traditionally designed Turkish wooden sailing vessel is the common choice for tourists who want to sail on the Turkish sea. The vessels are handmade ships that are finely crafted in traditional designs and are highly spacious. Aside from the Gulets, other modes for sailing on the clear blue waters are the motorboat, the sailboats , the yachts and the catamaran.


Turquoise coast has always been an ideal sailing destination for me, so when the opportunity presented itself, I had to take it. We set sail in Grocek and meandered to Bodrum, with stops to a number of beautiful sites such as the ancient city of Knidos, an exploration of Gorkova Bay in the loop out of Bodrum. The bay is in close proximity to Akyaka, which is one of the most beautiful villages to be seen on the Turkish Turquoise Coast. The area spots some restaurants to cater to your taste buds, a scenic view of the area with pine forests, the sea, and the ducks and geese on the clear Azmak River.

We sailed on the Lapis sea, dove and had a swim in the blue waters and paid a visit to Cleopatra’s Island, which has a beach made from seashells, and its sands are heavily protected by the government to prevent any sand from being taken. Legend has it that the organic sand was brought in especially for Cleopatra  by ships from the Red Sea. We also made our way to the quiet seaside village of Oren, which has an engaging Wednesday market well worth exploring. We also visited the town of Bozalan, which is known for its carpet weaving

We did rent a motorboat just for its speed so as to get a fast feel of the sea, with the waters splashing on our faces, it was pure magic! The Turkish Riviera, which is popularly known as the Turquoise coast encompasses Mugla, Antalya and the provinces of Aydin, western Mersin and southern izmir, though to a small extent..The warm sea makes for perfect swimming , while the climate is to die for, but best of all is that at almost every turn on the shoreline that stretches for hundreds of kilometers on end, there is an archeological point of interest, and nature in abundance.

Of particular interest are the ruins of the Mausoleum of Maussollos in Halicarnassus as well as the remains of the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus. The two points of interest are two of the Seven wonders of the Ancient world.. The sailboat also took us to a number of beaches along the coast, some intimate, others exciting…The coastline with its ancient cities, mausolea, tombs, harbors and beaches is a must visit while in Turkey. It has also been dubbed as the home of saints, scholars, kings, warriors, as well as heroes. It is also known as the site of a number of well-known myths. Herodotus, who is accepted as the father of history is said to have been born in Bodrum. In other words the Turquoise coastline will provide you with intrigue, mystery and adventure at every turn.

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