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Getting to Know Turkish in a Turkish Sailing Cruise

Getting to Know Turkish in a Turkish Sailing Cruise

Over the last months a lot has been said about Turkey, all that due to the lack of stability and excess of protests. As a matter of fact, Turkey has been the place of choice for many tourists

, but unfortunately the number of tourists decreased thanks to the protests and all the instability in the country. However, this country is the perfect pick if you want to enjoy a memorable sailing experience. In this article we will be exploring Turkey and providing you all you need to know about it when it is time to decide if it is the place to start your sailing cruise.

Due to recent events that occurred in Turkey the tourism has been severely harmed because people tend to think that the country is not secure, and the last think tourists want is to go to a place where there is lack of security. Regardless of what has been reported about this country, it is a spectacular touristic spot and that also applies to those who love to sail. Yes, the country faced hard times and periods where there were confronts between law enforcement forces and some of the Turkish people, however, that situation changed and now Turkey is stable and perfectly ready to receive tourists.


Turkey is located in the Mediterranean and its geographic position is perfect for sailing activities, because to the north of Turkey you will find the Black Sea, and to the south you will find the Aegean Sea. And if this proximity to two different seas wasn't enough, Turkey also possesses a very pleasant climate that will make it easier for you to start your sailing cruise. The Turkish climate varies from place to place, in the Aegean Sea’s coast there is a Mediterranean climate, it rarely rains during the summer which happens from May to October, winters tend to be mild and it rains frequently. The overall temperature during the summer is between 23ºC to 28ºC. On the other hand, in the region of the Black Sea, winters are chilly and wet, and summers are hot and damp. The temperature of the water along the coast of the Black Sea ranges from 10ºC to 20ºC, which is not very comfortable if you want to swim.

The various animal and plant species; the crystal-clear sea; the pleasant climate; the beauty of the various boats, landscapes, and ruins; all that will be the perfect combination that will provide you the true experience of getting in a Turkish sailing cruise. It is very easy to rent a boat in Turkey whether you want a traditional wooden gulet or a luxury yacht; they will have everything to make your sailing cruise memorable. Also, due to the recent decrease in the sector of tourism, companies are trying to attract tourists and one of the ways to attract them is to drop their prices, so your chances of finding cheaper prices are increased. Turkey is a beautiful place with an interesting cultural background; it is definitely the right place for a sailing cruise.

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