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Best holiday destinations in Turkey

If you are looking for a lifetime moment in the world, Turkish beaches are the places your luxury yacht should dock. Ranging from unbeatable natural tranquil to sandy beaches and stylish beach resorts, these places are unforgettable. Cruising to this place should be easy thanks to the geographical location and myriad sailboats for all. Favorite beaches include:


Lycian valley

Boasting a natural ambience, this is a popular destination in Europe. The dense vegetation provides a good joint for people to sip their breakfast as birds sing sweet melodies from the tree tops.  The day here is majorly spent enjoying boat rides and luxurious yacht trips. Hike lovers are also welcome thanks to the great Lyncian canyon where they will spend a day trekking and meeting myriad beautiful birds and small animals. Every evening is welcomed by a soft classical music played in the resorts as the visitors watch the beautiful sky full of stars.

Lycian beach

Every visitor will be welcomed by the beauty of resorts located on the northern end of Lycian beach. The adjacent Lycian way will lead to the rocky region and the Olympus. This makes the beach a favorite destination for many hike lovers. Think of the remarkable ambience at the clear riverbed which is made even better by the sitting places placed here. Every visitor will tell of the eternal flames which burst from the rocks of Chimera.


Olympus beach

It is a great destination located in the Southern Coast of Turkey. The terraces overlooking the sea will offer a memorable joint for breakfast, which are accompanied by cool soft music played in the hospitable resorts. This is a perfect place for turtle lovers as it is located in a turtle conservancy. Lucky visitors who visit here on august will witness the newborn turtles walk to the sea in multitudes. The resorts will offer great accommodation with home cooked Turkish cuisines


Numerous resorts and boat sailing clubs are located here. They will offer wonderful guest accommodation, sail boats and swimming sporting activities. There are remarkable swimming pools for fresh water lovers. In addition, the clear waters will attract everyone. Bosphorous also hosts some of the most luxurious bars and restaurants which are located in calm places. The short cruise trips by boats will also prove enjoyable and pocket friendly. They include the three hours’ boat ride and whole day sea trips with a stopover at Bosphorous.


Located in the South-west, adjacent to the Lycian way, this is a delightful place for families. The beach is extensive, covering three kilometers.  The crystal clear waters will offer wonderful swimming joints for all. sail boat rides are unforgettable thanks to the available hiring companies. Most days are spent exploring the historical ruins of Olympus city. The evenings are wonderful in the byzantine tomb and amphitheater. Greenish turtles and loggerheads are also unforgettable especially during the breeding seasons.  The resorts will offer great accommodation to all at a pocket friendly price. Their foods are dominated by Turkish cuisines. Other facilities include the amphitheater for evening hang outs.

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