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Get Away From the Stress and Concerns by Sailing in Slovenia

Get Away From the Stress and Concerns by Sailing in Slovenia

Most of us are caught up in the day to day minutiae and sometimes all the problems and concerns can be pretty stressing for all of us. We wait for the vacations to get some rest and get away from all the problems for at least a couple of weeks. What is better than sailing in Slovenia to relax and get rid of all the stress? In this article we will be exploring this European touristic spot and uncover what it has to offer you.


In Central and Southeastern Europe it is located a special country that can provide you compelling sailing experiences that will remain in your memory for years to come. The combination of beautiful landscapes, amazing biodiversity, an agreeable climate, fantastic points of interest, and friendly ports and marinas, make this country an excellent place to visit.

The climate is an important part to take in count while deciding whether or not a destination is the right fit for sailing purposes, and when it comes to Slovenia, diversity is the word that best describes its climate. The overall climate of Slovenia is influenced by three types of climates: the Alpine climate in the Alps and mountainous regions, the sub-Mediterranean climate along the coastal areas, and finally the Continental climate in all the other areas of the country. Generally speaking snow is quite frequent during the winter and it rains in a moderate basis. Since we are focusing on the sailing factor, the coastal regions are the most important for us. In the regions along the coast the type of climate is sub-Mediterranean, which means that the temperatures are higher during the summer usually ranging from 20ºC to 30ºC. Winters are quite chilly; temperatures can fall below the 0ºC in certain areas of Slovenia. If you compare the Slovenian climate with the climate of other European countries we will see that the winds are not very strong unlike the regions that surround Slovenia. The best time to visit Slovenia is from May to September.

Slovenia is located in the perfect position to be a top sailing destination. Even though tourism doesn’t draw millions and millions of tourists, it draws thousands, and the number is still growing. Slovenia touches the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, and it borders the Mediterranean. It is the perfect combination for various types of tourism and activities.

Visit Slovenia and let yourself be impressed by its immense beauty, by its natural presence, by its geography, by its friendly ports and up to date marinas ready to welcome you. Efficient boat renting services are easily found along the Slovenian coast, sailing schools are also common and there you can learn all it takes to be a good skipper and manage your own boat. If you don’t know how to sail and are not willing to attend a sailing school, then you can always opt for a crewed boat and enjoy the pleasures of sailing without having to worry about anything at all.

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