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Sail through the breathtaking region of Izola

Rent a sailboat in Izola and indulge in its nautical tourism

Located on the Slovenian coast is the beautiful and ancient Mediterranean town of Izola. The town is blessed with a rich history and unique blend in culture and arts. It takes its name from the old part of the town that rests upon what used to be an island. With its position on the northern part of the Istria peninsula in addition to having its own Marina, it is no surprise that enchanting Izola is one of the leading centers of nautical tourism.


Surrounded by a picturesque countryside with a number of long hills and valleys, the beautiful region of Izola presents visits with wonderful sceneries to gaze upon. You could stroll through the ancient town and gaze upon ancient churches and attractive stone houses with the backdrop of naturally beautiful strain hills or you could rent a sailboat in Izola and explore the beautiful expanse of glistering blue waters as you sail through the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

The region is characterized by the Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild winters. In the summer, you can expect temperatures to amount to 28 °C while the winter season brings in temperatures that amount to 5 °C

In terms of activities within the region, you could rent a sailboat in Izola and explore the beautiful Adriatic Sea or you could drop anchor and indulge in a number of other activities. You could go horseback riding as you take in the beautiful landscape, go cycling as you breath in the wonderful air in the region or take part in various water sporting activities. You could take a bite into the mouth-watering culinary dishes, which are mostly Mediterranean and based on fish or indulge in some of the local specialties on offer with a taste of homemade olive oil and wine.

Getting to the region in time to rent a sailboat in Izola

There are a number of ways to get to the beautiful region of Izola. You could hop on a plane and land at any one of the airports, with the nearest being those in Venice and Trieste. A smaller airport is also available near Portoroz. In case you are looking for one that connects to most of the bigger European cities, then the airport in Ljubjana is your choice.


From the airport, you could take a bus or rent a car and travel through the clearly marked highways in Slovenia. Regular bus lines can be found from Portoros, Kopar, Piran and Izola which run every twenty minutes. You could also get into the region by ship.

Ultimately, no matter how you choose to enter the region, when you rent a sailboat in Izola, you know that you will have the time of your life exploring its blue waters.


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