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Slovenia: Where Stress Melts Away

Slovenia: Where Stress Melts Away


The Break

You’ve been working it seems for four hundred days straight. The economy has got you down, the boss is becoming a pain and you know you need a break. What to do? Take a little trip and sit on the deck of your boat for hire. Let the warm Slovenian sun melt your stress away. Watch as that stress leaves your body and rolls off the side of the yacht where it drowns in the deep, crystal blue water of the Adriatic Sea. You should begin to feel a strange sensation come over you as the corners of your mouth crack upward in a way they have not done in a long while. Yes, that is a smile of contentment. One more benefit to your sailing vacation in Slovenia.

Rent a sailboat? You may ask. Yes, it isn’t as expensive as you might think it is. Slovenia is home to numerous companies that allow you to rent sailboats and yachts. Need to save a little bit of money? Ask about bare boating. You provide the crew and a licensed captain and you are ready to watch that stress drown!

When you see that brilliant red of the first sunset dip into the sea, and the brilliance of the stars shining against the jet black sky you are going to be glad you came. The first night is really to get you acclimated to the fact that you are on vacation. Every time you hear a cell phone ring, you might jump, instantly thinking it is for you. If you aren’t convinced by dinner time, when they bring out some of the best food in the area and place it in front of you that might do it. When the flavor of the local wine dances on your taste buds, you may want to visit the winery it was made in. And here, in this corner of the world that is not only possible, it is encouraged!  Slovenia is known for fantastic sailing vacations, castles, fortresses and the many wineries that are located within sailing and easy travel distance. You won’t be too far away to actually see all these places in the same week!


Climb Down Into History

Climb steps that were used thousands of years before! Stand in the cathedrals built in the classical Byzantine architectural style. Once you’ve breathed in enough history, stop off at Izola or Portoroz for some horseback riding or touring of the country. Shop to your heart’s content in villages that are older than many countries. Sample the fresh seafood at some of the most quaint restaurants in this area of the world.

When the hiking, shopping and horseback riding has exhausted you, take your new found smile back to the sailboat and relax as you sail through to your next location. Concerned about modern conveniences on your sailing vacation? Don’t be. Many of the sailboat or yacht rentals are equipped with satellite internet connection. And if yours isn’t, many of the ports along the way will have all the comforts of home.


Have a Fun Travel through Bareboat Yacht Cruising ...
Slovenia: The Naturist Way

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