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Into the Blue

Into the Blue

Into the expanse, where soft blue sky meets sparkling blue waters, that is where you want to be. Where civilization is a speck on the horizon and you feel the warm, dry air whisking you to new destinations that is where you are going. You’ve booked passage to Italy, where you have reserved a rental sailboat to take you to Slovenia, Croatia and the thousands of islands in the Adriatic Sea. Just you and your loved ones, or a group of good friends will be in a few days enjoying the salt air and gorgeous views that Slovenia has to offer.


The Difference Slovenia Makes

Maybe you’ve rented a sailboat before. Maybe you’ve even sailed the Caribbean and visited the Bahamas. And those areas are beautiful no doubt, but have you ever sailed in an area that has fortresses that are a thousand years old? Have you ever taken a sailing vacation where you can moor the boat and go tour any one of a number of Byzantine era cathedrals? In Slovenia and Croatia, you can do all that and more.

Moor your rental sailboat, grab your camera and be thirsty when you tour one of Slovenia’s many wineries. See the rolling hills where the vineyards reach over the horizon and beyond. Eat lunch or dinner at local restaurants that have been around longer than many countries have been in existence. Shop at the local stores in villages built inside the walls of ancient cities. When you want to spend a little time on solid ground, visit Korcula, take a horseback ride through lush vegetation and parks, then sit down and have a picnic in the birthplace of famous explorer Marco Polo. Hike or take a walking tour through areas that have been lauded as the most beautiful hills in the world. One wonders why Marco left.


Sailing Schools

What’s that? You say you really want to go but don’t have the experience to operate a sailboat? Not to worry, there are many sailboat rental companies that can provide you with a captain and crew. Don’t let a little thing like that stop you from experiencing all that the Adriatic Sea region has to offer. And if you’d like, there are several places in the area where you can attend a sailing school to get that knowledge you need to become the sailing expert you’ve always wanted to be.  Maybe you’ve been here before, and you were entranced by the charm, the foods and the people of Slovenia. Maybe you visited every major port from Koper to Pula and you want something ‘different’ for your next sailing vacation.

You should know that you can’t possibly see all of it in even two long weeks. Moor your boat on any one of the thousands of uninhabited islands near Croatia and Slovenia. Play ‘Blue Lagoon’ or ‘Lost’ with an imaginative loved one and romp around on these sandy beaches. If your trip is in May, stay for the Internautica in Slovenia to see and meet sailing enthusiasts from around the world. 

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