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Your Sailing Vacation – Izola

Your Sailing Vacation – Izola


          You’ve already decided that your next vacation is going to involve two things, sailing and Slovenia. Okay, that part is easy. The next part is where exactly are you going to start? Which ports will you travel to and when? Portoroza is nice, Pilan, too. But there are thousands of islands in the Adriatic Sea that are calling out to you. The beauty, the unique history of the area, the wildlife and of course, the sailing is what you need.  You may plan on using your own yacht or if you don’t have one, perhaps renting a sailboat, don’t worry, many companies can provide a captain and crew for you if you aren’t familiar enough to pilot your own sailboat.

          Let’s look at the many activities you can do in Izola so you can decide if it should be one of the ports you moor your sailboat in. First, Izola is known for the many wineries that dot the landscape, most within six kilometers of the harbor. These wineries include the Zaro, Stule Robi, Ivancic, Steras, Farm Slavec, and the Korenika. The Korenika also has another cellar a little more than a kilometer away called the Moskon. If you have a passion for wine and the unique flavors of the Slovenia n region, Izola would be a necessary stop for you during your sailing vacation.


          If history or architecture is more to your liking, Izola won’t disappoint you on your sailing vacation. There are many cathedrals built in the 16th Century. The Church of St. Maur is just one of these. The Church of St. Maur was built in 1547 and has been modified several times over the years. Worship services are held on a regular basis and tours are given during the week. There is a display of items discovered in the attic of the almost 500 year old building. There are also a few museums, specifically, the Railway museum, and the Model Ship museum. If you like sailboats, and building models of ancient sailing vessels, this museum may be for you.

          If you like art, paintings or sculpture, there are numerous art galleries all within a short distance from your sailboat. Once you are done experiencing the wine, the history and architecture of Izola, you aren’t done yet! Visit the Pietro Coppo Park and have a picnic under the large trees. If you are fortunate enough to be in Izola in the summertime, you may be treated to a concert in Pietro Coppo park by a visiting orchestra in this park named for the famous 15th century researcher and map maker.  

          When you’ve exhausted all there is to do in Izola, pack up the group and head back to the sailboat. Climb on board and watch Izola disappear in the distance as you head to your next exotic destination. As the sun sets on your trip to Izola, remember, your trip is not over yet. You still have several days of sailing to go before you have to return to the day to day grind of your job.



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