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Your Sailing Vacation – Koper


Your Sailing Vacation – Koper


          If you’ve been contemplating a sailing vacation in the Adriatic Sea, you want to make sure you get to see as much as you can. The problem with that is of course, there are so many things to see, and so many towns to visit, each with their own unique charm. Mooring in a port is a necessary part of a sailing vacation. After all, you need to restock your food supplies, or fuel if you have a motor on your sailboat for windless days. So you have to stop, why not know in advance what you are going to do in town when you do stop? If you have hired a crew on the sailing trip, here is where you could save a lot of time. They can help restock everything while you explore to your hearts’ content.

          In Koper, where you can find the ruins of an ancient city wall surrounding the modern city. You’ll find narrow streets winding through the city past the largest cathedral in Slovenia. If your sailing trip in in the summertime, see if you can schedule your visit to Koper to coincide with Yellow Night where you’ll  find an open air celebration with theater performances, local foods like bobici and polenta. (Corn soup and Corn porridge.)   

          Pull into the harbor at Koper and moor your sailboat. Tour the Valley of the Castles and explore Socerb Castle. Journey a little further and enjoy the waterfalls and rapids of the Dragorija River. A sailing vacation doesn’t have to mean full time spent on the water you know. With the hiking, horseback riding, and tours of cathedrals and castles, Koper has more than enough for you to experience on and off your sailboat.

          When the time is almost up here in Koper, you will probably want to make sure you don’t forget to visit some of the wineries and vineyards. There are over 48 different vineyards and wineries in Koper so there are plenty for you to choose from. Sample some of the wine and snap plenty of pictures of your hosts at the winery tour.  Your sail boat vacation in Koper is far from over.  Visit the Rizana River for some fly fishing. In the Spring, brown trout and marble trout travel downstream. Of course, you are on a sailboat vacation. You will be surrounded by sea water much of the time, and the sea especially in this area around Koper is home to some of the worlds’ first recorded fishermen in history.

          As the sun sets on the Koper section of your excursion in a rented sailboat, and you sit down in the cabin and watch the port disappear in the distance, remember that the people, the foods and the culture you experience in Koper, like much of the area in Slovenia are as timeless as the sights you see. The next time you plan your sail boat vacation, they will all be here waiting for you.



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