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Your Sailing Vacation – Piran


Your Sailing Vacation – Piran

          Piran is one of the many starting points or destinations of your planned sailing vacation in Slovenia. If you have made the decision to sail up or down the Slovenian coast, and done just a little bit of research, you may feel a little overwhelmed at the number of choices there are available for the sailing vacationer. Maybe you have rented a sailboat before in one port in Slovenia and enjoyed the trip, but you never left the immediate area you were in. Now that you see the thousands of islands and the many ports and marinas you could have visited, you want to go and not miss anything this time.

          Piran has a number of interesting historical attractions available to tourists. Once you’ve moored your rental sailboat, walk ashore and take a stroll on the town wall. The wall overlooks the town and the Adriatic Sea. The town wall has protected Piran for centuries. The best view is up a series of narrow, steps where you can look out on the Adriatic, you may even be able to see your sailboat moored in the harbor!

          When you are done snapping pictures of the town wall, the harbor and your sailboat from a distance, descend the narrow stairs and back into Piran. Visit the aquarium and see the local sea life on display. If you can’t get enough of the local sea life at the aquarium, take a glass bottom boat tour, no need to return to your boat yet! Take a tour of the Venetian house, a structure built in the 1400’s. It is a museum and tourist spot now, but the history of the location is fascinating.


          There are any one of a number of different historical sites to see in this one city on your sailing vacation. These sites include the Maritime Museum, Tartini Square and several churches.  The Maritime museum has many exhibits related to sailing and sail vessels including many of the instruments early sailors used to navigate the Adriatic Sea and beyond. Tartini Square is a beautiful center of town where white marble dominates the ground and walls giving a smooth clean appearance.


          Stroll through the narrow winding streets, stop for some ice cream, which some claim is even better than Italian ice cream. When you have explored all you can of Piran, it’s time to pick the next destination on your sailing vacation. Maybe you want to slow it down and sail off to a smaller town or village with less people. Maybe you want to take your boat to a larger port and enjoy the casinos and luxury resorts of Portoroza. Or maybe you just want to sail, fish or enjoy your time on the Adriatic Sea.

          Don’t forget to visit the Pier and enjoy some of the unique offerings that the vendors in the area offer. If you are taking a sailing vacation, whether you are renting a sailboat and crew or using your own, the town of Piran is definitely one destination you don’t want to miss.


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