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Your Sailing Vacation: Portoroz

Your Sailing Vacation: Portoroz


                You are planning your sailing vacation to the Croatian region in the Adriatic Sea, the problem is that you don’t know where to start. You aren’t sure which ports to visit or what to expect when your boat gets in the marina. After all, there are hundreds of possible destinations in this relatively small area of coastline, not to mention the thousands of possibilities in any one of the small islands that are located between Croatia and Italy. Many of these beautiful locations and islands are only accessible by boat, so if you want to experience a true sailing vacation, you need to make time for at least a handful of the most beautiful ports.

                One possible launching point, or destination, of your sail boat vacation is the area known as Portoroz, or Port of Roses. It is located on the Slovanian shore, minutes from the capital. Get to know the beaches by sailing from one end of Portoroz to the other. Feel the sand squish between your toes, enjoy the fishing from your rented boat, or one of the many piers. Feel like experiencing a bit of nightlife? Visit one of the casinos in Portoroz and enjoy a show and the gaming.

                Need a relaxing day away from the kids? Try out one of the day spas and let a massage knead the stress out of you. Don’t feel like spending the night aboard your yacht? There are lush hotels located in the Port of Roses waiting for you. Enjoy the foods, the shopping, the people. Only been sailing in Portoroz for a day or two? The onshore activities not exciting enough for you, or maybe you are just too tired of winning all that money in the casino? No problem!


                Get on board your rented boat and sail over to the wind surfing area where you can rent a wind surfing board and catch the breeze, jump the waves and zip across the shore line with finesse. Of course, if you’ve never tried wind surfing you can take a course in how to do it! You can take a course in how to pilot your sailboat and be your own captain, that is, as soon as you get your license! No time for that? No problem, there are sailboat rental companies that will hire out a crew and captain for your rented boat so that your only worry is where you are going next to find the fun!

                Can’t get enough of the water? Really? No problem!  Find one of the many aqua parks within driving distance or catch a bus! The aqua parks are built with kids in mind, so they will be able to slide to their hearts content as you watch them exhaust themselves into naptime. When they are done slip sliding away for the day take them back to the boat and let the waves rock them to sleep in the cabin below deck.  As the moon shines in the pure blackness of the ocean night, and the stars twinkle on you and your family below, realize that your sailing vacation isn’t over yet.

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