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Fall in Love for Italy While Sailing

Fall in Love for Italy While Sailing

Located in Europe, Italy is actually one of its top touristic destinations, attracting tens of thousands of tourists every single year. In Italy there are a lot of different touristic attractions that fit all the budgets, tastes, and ages. In this article we will explore the various places that make Italy a favorite place for many tourists around the world. This article will help you decide if Italy will be the destination of your next maritime adventure.


Italy is known at an international level as one of the best touristic spots in Europe and in the world as well. Being located in the Mediterranean Sea this peninsula has a Mediterranean climate: Summers are hot and dry, and on the other hand, winters are wet and cold, and sometimes snowy (depending on the location). If you really enjoy hot temperatures July would be the best time to visit it. Obviously the climate varies from place to place due to Italy’s geography. Having a unique cuisine, beautiful destinations, and impressive pieces of art, Italy became one of the best spots to enjoy memorable vacations. Now we will explore the secrets that make Italy one of the best places for sea lovers.

The Amalfi Coast is actually one of the best destinations in Italy, it is a highly impressive coastline and tourists want it badly that’s why private cars are not allowed to go there during the summer, which is the peak-season. This famed coast has unique landscapes that will surely provide you relaxation; and it has beautiful beaches where you can take long sunbaths.

Procida is a little island near the coast of Naples; there you will find archeological places where you can get impressive insights about the historical background of Italy; there will also be buildings that will be painted with the classical colors you would find in a Mediterranean building, the pastel colors; gastronomy is another strength Procida has to offer you, the cuisine there is absolutely delicious.

Naples is an extraordinary place to visit while you are enjoying your maritime adventure. Here, archeological sites play a vital role: there is an excellent archeological museum, there are various sites listed as World Heritage Sites. It is also here where you will find one of the Italian benchmarks: pizza. They say Naples is the place to go if you want to taste the true Italian Pizza. 

The island of Capri is definitely a place that you have to explore during your sailing adventure, one of the things that you will notice when you arrive at Capri is its impressive natural presence. There are amazing landscapes you can’t afford to lose. If you love nature and sailing, Capri will be the perfect island for you.

These were some of the places that make Italy a really attractive destination for those who love the sea, the nature, and above all, the art of sailing. There you will have plenty of places to explore; you will have access to sailing classes; you can rent a boat and get started with your memorable sailing adventure throughout the most beautiful sailing destinations Italy has to offer you.

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