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Sailing in Sicily and Aeolian Islands


There is a feeling of intrigue in almost anything Italy, from the music to the food, the people to the destinations. Italy which is located in southern Europe consists of two of the largest islands in the Mediterranean sea, which make for a great yachting experience. There are a number of places that are perfect for your yachting destination, each with a story behind or an interesting feature that keeps drawing people to it.

The most popular yachting destinations are Amalfi coast, the Gulf of Naples, Sicily and the Aeolian Islands. Each of the destinations holds a fascinating history and culture, in addition to the mouth watering cuisines that you will find. Exploring the coastal towns and islands that make up Italy is best enjoyed aboard a yacht, with the Mediterranean sea breeze blowing at your face, and beautiful scenery floating by. The best part of a yacht is that you will be transported more efficiently from one island to the next as well as from one coastal town to the next.

Above the Turquoise sea in Italy, there are five magical and connected villages in a place known as Cinque Terre. In this area, you will find a myriad of colorful houses which will seem like they are literally hanging from the cliff, although in actual sense, they were curved carefully into terraces, providing for a splendid view. Cinque Terre is located to the south of the port of Portofino, in eastern Liguria.

Sicily is famous for its beautiful coastline as well as active volcanoes, tasty wine and mouth watering dishes, not forgetting the fascinating history it holds. Sicily holds a history of invasions throughout the centuries from the Romans, Greeks, Phoenicians, Arabs, Spaniards and Normans, for the simple reason that it is strategically located. With the invasions came a blend of cultures, because each party left their cultural influences to the area, which could explain why it is the most visited island.

Rising out of the Tyrrhenian sea, about  fifteen miles off the Sicilian coast  are the Aeolian Islands, which comprise of Alicudi, Filicudi, Panarea, Vulcano, Salina, Sromboli, and Lipari. These hold a fascination to visitors because they comprise of black beaches made from the volcanic soils as well a dazzling clear light that are all geared to leave visitors with an unforgettable experience. The Islands have a history that dates back at least 5,000 years, making it a UNESCO world heritage site, this is because you will find prehistoric villages, excavations, ruins, pottery as well as tools. You will be amazed by the varied and contrasting sceneries and landscapes as well as the crystal clear blue water bays, the active volcanoes, the coves, isolated reefs, the archaeological sites, and white painted houses. In other words the Islands are set to leave its visitors with an everlasting impression of them. With less traffic as compared to the rest of the populace Italy, it is no wonder that a number of people are now including the islands in their travel itinerary.

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