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Charter a yacht in Corsica and explore mesmerizing surroundings

How to charter a yacht in Corsica

The gorgeous region of Corsica offers some of the most pleasant cruising grounds in the Western Mediterranean. The region is well endowed with a number of beautiful beaches, coves, a number of anchorages and good marinas. For a spot of dramatic coastal scenery of the Mediterranean, pay a visit to the West Coast. A visit to Corsica provides for a chance to combine relaxation and adventure with its numerous beaches, mountains, hidden coves, secluded bays and beautiful coastlines. The area is blessed with a rich and fascinating history, natural beauty and charming culture just waiting for visitors to explore.


A vast majority of people explore this beautiful region is from mid-July through to late August, hence the marina tends to be over-crowded. The shoulder seasons offer a more relaxed sailing experience with fewer people on the waters.

There are a number of chartering companies offering different vessels at different rates. When you opt to charter a yacht in Corsica, you will have the choice between luxury yachts to racing boats. The amount of time you intend on spending at sea, the number of people you intend to have on-board and the type of boat you intend on using all determine the amount of money you will be spending on your trip.

Sailing routes to consider when you charter a yacht in Corsica

There are a  number of routes to choose from when you charter a yacht in Corsica, however, a sail from Cap Corse to Bonafacio provides for a fascinating trip. While on this route, there are a number of ports where you can drop anchor and enjoy the wonderful surroundings and these include:

Bastia which provides for wonderful views of stunning cliffs and beautiful rock formations. The region’s main attractions include; Terra Vecchia, the place St-Nicholas, Terra Nova and the old quarter.

Ajaccio where Napoleon was born is a gorgeously stunning town with magnificent mountains and spots  an amazing bay to enjoy a meal or two at the numerous restaurants and cafes.

Calvi  which is an interestingly beautiful town with Roman origin and is renowned for its 13th century citadel.

Propriano  which is blessed with a number of beautiful beaches, fascinating rock formations, amazing cliffs and magnificent mountains. The area calls for naturally beautiful surroundings. First class beaches can be found at this location.

Perched atop gorgeous limestone cliffs is the southern most major port in Corsica known as Bonifacio. A stop at this gorgeous location will give you beautiful views of the natural surroundings.


At the end of the day, no matter which sailing route you opt to use when you charter a yacht in Corsica, you will be mesmerized with sheer beautiful as you sail along turquoise blue waters.

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