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Your Sailing Vacation- Venice Day Three

Your Sailing Vacation- Venice Day Three


          When you originally planned your sailing vacation you scheduled two days in Venice tops. You didn’t realize all that there was to do for the wayfaring sailor in this city. You didn’t take into account the fact that your significant other would not want to leave. Before you board your rented sailboat, you want to make sure that you have experienced all that Venice has to offer, and you just don’t want to leave. That’s okay, it’s your sailing vacation. You are in charge!

          By now you should have had a chance to sample many of the local Venetian foods like oca in onto (goose) or lagoon fish, perhaps you’ve tasted polpette, that’s a Venetian meatball! Or you’ve tasted some antipasti. If not, you need to search these specialties out at one of the local cafes. The first couple of days after leaving your sailboat, you saw the Renaissance art at the museums. Did you know that there is a healthy collection of contemporary art. The Biennale is a bi-annual festival held from the month of June into November and features contemporary artists from all over the world.

          If you prefer a little more action than art, check to see if the city wide Carnevale is being held sometime close to your sailing vacation. It’s a ten day raucous celebration featuring guests and visitors donning the classic Venice masks and partying all night long. If music is more to your liking, see if the La Fenice is playing their Vivaldi concerts. It is said that experiencing Vivaldi in Venice is a must for classical music lovers!


          If your love is willing, you can even propose and kiss at the Bridge of Sighs and hold a marriage ceremony under Juliet’s balcony. It is a 13th Century palazzo where a bronze statue of Shakespeare’s Juliet stands in memory to the most beloved and tragic of heroines. Your sailing vacation in Venice will include many of the local waterside bars, Gelatto stands and a chance to drink wine for breakfast, go ahead, it’s perfectly fine in Venice.

          When you finally retire to your rented sailboat after kissing under the Bridge of Sighs, getting married or holding a recommitment ceremony under Juliet’s window and experiencing the romance of the art, music and sights that are uniquely Venetian, it’s time to enjoy each other’s company. Sit down on the deck of the sailboat, arm in arm and watch as the sun sets on your last day in Venice. So much to see, so much to experience and you did it all because you decided to take a sailing vacation in Italy. Now would be a good time to let your captain and crew have a night off-boat in the city as you and your love recline in the plush interior of your sailboat’s cabin.


          Pop open that bottle of Vino you said you would save until you got home, its’ okay you are still in Venice and can get another one. Drink, and love to your heart’s content. 


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