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Your Sailing Vacation-Grado

Your Sailing Vacation-Grado


You’ve booked your sailing vacation. You know you will be spending some time in Venice, some time in other areas of Italy and even some islands off the Slovenia coast. Then you notice a small beach community in Italy located off the Adriatic Sea called Grado. There are many areas of shallow water that is easy for little ones to splash around in so if your sailing vacation includes outings for your little swimmers, Grado is a good place to moor your sailboat and stay for a while. The waters are warm and inviting, often calm and the beaches are wide and inviting.

There are areas that you can only visit if you do have a sailboat. (Unless you take the ferry that is, and those only run on Sundays.) The Isola di Barbana is one of those. There is a Sanctuary on the Island dedicated to the Madonna that at one point was a pilgrimage destination for devout Catholics. The center of Grado is a lot like Venice in the style of architecture and building and has plenty of restaurants and bars with local cuisine.

Visit the Basilica Di Sant’Eufemia where you will find one of the oldest existing baptisteries still in use. It dates back to the late 5th Century AD with a bell tower dating back to the 15th Century AD. The mosaics that line the walls are very large and include some interesting looks at early life in Grado, Italy.  Of course, to get to the Basilica, you will need the rented sailboat to reach the island. Once the boat is moored in port, you can walk the length and breadth of the island pretty easily and see everything within a day.  

Now, you’ve probably spent the bulk of your time on the sailboat braving the wind and the waves, it’s time to get your land legs back and take a trip to the Grado Golf Club for a round of challenging golf! Practice on the putting green and chipping area if the course is too busy or try the 9 hole executive course. Who says you have to spend 24 hours of each day of your sailing vacation on board a boat?

Hidden coves, a wide open beach area for playing in, ancient architecture, golf and the best ice cream in Italy combine to give Grado the thumbs up for a great destination on your sailing vacation. Spend some time in the bay fishing to your heart’s content and use the kitchen in your sailboat to cook your catch! When it is finally time for the sun to set on your time in Grado, take a seat and watch the ocean explode into vibrant red colors. Sail the length of the island and snap plenty of pictures of the shoreline. This will be a trip you want to remember and perhaps plan another trip there soon. Make sure you book the sail boat in plenty of time as that is the best way to experience Grado, Italy.



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