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Your Sailing Vacation -Trieste

Your Sailing Vacation-Trieste


You’ve just about finished your tour of the Slovenian Coast in your rented sailboat. You’ve tasted the wines, you’ve sampled the seafood, and joined in the nightly summer celebrations. You may be wondering what else there is to do and where else can you go? Head north and a little to the west around the coast of Italy, and you will find a not-too-busy port in Trieste. A visit to Italy in the Spring is even better on board a rented sailboat. You can escape from the crowded streets and hotels and make your way to the quiet marina where you have your boat moored. Let the gentle waves rock you to sleep each night.

What is there to do in Trieste, Italy? As any Italian grandmother would say, “Eat! Eat!” And she would be right! When you are on a sailboat vacation anywhere in the world, you expect seafood, after all you are on the sea and you will be close to some of the finest Italian seafood restaurants on the beaches of Trieste. But further in town, you will find the rich flavorful pasta plates, pizzerias, and every Italian delicacy you can imagine. What is a vacation without eating meals you normally don’t get?

Of course, food may be a great reason for sailing on the Italian coast, but it is not the only one! For the avid sailing vacation fan, Trieste offers a retreat into clear waters, shallow bays perfect for swimming with the little ones and a little romance as well. Trieste is home to many beautiful buildings, architecture and art from the Renaissance period. For the romantic at heart a stroll through the winding narrow streets, stopping to buy a flower for your lady at the corner vendor, all these experiences combine to give you the romantic trip you’ve been wanting.


And that’s before you climb back aboard your rented sailboat to experience your first Italian sunset together. If you don’t have enough experience or the license to operate that sailboat, no worries! Just speak with one of the agents at the sailboat rental office about hiring a captain and a crew to take care of all the details. You concentrate on the trip and relaxation, they will get you from place to place safely. Call it an enforced relaxation policy.

Whether you prefer relaxing in museums looking at art you’ve only heard about, or on quaint city streets that are older than most countries, or sitting on the deck of your hired yacht with a fishing pole in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, you are in charge of relaxing while the crew is in charge of your journey. If you are going to Italy to experience the romance, or just because you have never been, enjoy your sailboat vacation to the fullest! Does it bother you that you don’t have the skills to operate your own sailboat? No problem! There are classes that you can take as you are on your journey that will give you that experience and you might even qualify to get your license too!

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