• Find your boat

    Search for the boat/boats you wish to rent

  • Reservation of the boat

    Place a non-binding reservation of the boat. The boat is reserved to you for 4 days.

  • Safe payment

    After booking you pay 50%  of the charges within 4 days as a final confirmation of your booking. Payment is done by bank transfer or credit card online

  • Safe cancellation

    Cancel within 48 hours of the confirming payment

  • Final payment

    The final payment is done 6 weeks before the departure date

  • Crew list

    A couple of weeks before departure we will need a crew list for everyone that will be aboard. We will need a copy of skipper license/yacht licence if the boat is to be rented without a skipper aboard.

  • Voucher

    Before your trip we will send you a voucher which you bring to the boat operator in the marina. A voucher is shown as a confirmation that we have received payment and all the necessary information.

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