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Gulet Jasmin Forever

Charter this beautiful Gulet Jasmin Forever in one of our marinas. This boat can take up to 10 guests in 5 cabins.

When you go on board this Gulet Jasmin Forever we will make sure your holiday will be a pleasant memory. Our staff at site will assist you in any matter making sure you are comfortable with its technicalities and preparing all the papers and going over all the safety instructions.

Welcome on board!


Technical details for Gulet Jasmin Forever

  Cabins 5  
  Berths 10  
  Showers 5  
  Wc 2500  
  Overall Length 37  
  Hull Length 0  
  Beam 8  
  Draft 4.8  
  Water Capacity 2500  
  Fuel Capacity 13800  
  Engine 2 x MAN Di  


Book your Gulet Jasmin Forever

To locate the exact yacht, locate it below with your prefered sailing destination and dates. Go ahead and book this Gulet Jasmin Forever today and go sailing in the near future. 

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Capelli Cap 20

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