Tips for sailing when you charter a yacht in Kornati Islands

Situated off the mainland coast of Croatia, the beautiful Kornati Islands are surrounded by mesmerizing beauty that span over 140 islands and islets, a true sailor’s dream. A sail to this location means a sail to a number of gorgeous locations. Generally, these islands offer a quieter and less cosmopolitan feel to their visitors as compared to the Central Dalmatian Islands. People who frequent them are normally nature lovers and those who seek quieter anchorages.

A rich culture can be found in this region. Charter a yacht in Kornati Islands and experience the traditional culture of the good luck ceremony that is performed in Zlarin. The ceremony is performed in a bid to wish sailors well in their night search of the red coral that is famous to Zlarin.


A sail to these islands will bring you to a breathtaking natural beauty with their fine contract of nature, from the serene peaceful  beaches to the  wild and rugged cliffs. As you approach the islands in the company of the beautiful sun, you will be presented with gleaming white limestone formations against the azure blue of the surrounding seas, a breathtaking sight to behold.

As part of the islands’ wish to preserve its beautiful nature, when you charter a yacht in Kornati Islands , you will have to part with a fee for the permit(approximately 33 euros) on any given day if you purchased it earlier or approximately 53 euros if you did not. Twenty designated bays are set aside for mooring

The weather to the region is typically Mediterranean along the Adriatic coast with warm dry summers and mild winters. There are sudden, violent winds to be expected in the winter most especially along the coast from Rijeka down to Zadar while the summer brings with it Diurnal winds. The months of July to August face temperatures of approximately 30 degrees while the months of May through to October experience temperatures of approximately 23 degrees.

Activities to indulge in when you charter a yacht in Kornati Islands

The gorgeous Kornati Islands have a lot to offer visitors. Charter a yacht in Kornati Islands and come snorkel in its beautiful waters. You could get to scuba dive, fish or go on a sightseeing venture while in the region. The islands are not shot of beautiful sea life for you pleasure while history buffs can trace the rich history to the island through the fascinating architecture available. In addition, there are a number of historical sites to explore while on the islands. You will find outlines of dwellings and burial tumuli that date back to the pre-Roman times on a number of the islands in addition to other remains and ruins that date back hundreds of years.