Zadar is a gorgeous city that boasts of a historic old town of Roman ruins and medieval churches, quality museums and cosmopolitan cafes. Its strategic location on the beautiful Adriatic Sea makes it one of the most coveted starting points for a number of sailors.  To be a part of this exotic place and really get the feel of what makes it unique, rent a boat in Zadar and get transported through amazing islands as you take in mesmerizing surroundings.


Suggested routes to embark on when you renta boat in Zadar

Zadar is a fabulous place to visit and explore the fascinating surroundings, historic buildings and be a part of the rich culture, however, for many a sailor it is one of those destinations in Croatia that simply beckon them to enjoy a wonderful sailing experience. There are a number of sailing routes to take part in from Zadar. You could head south from Zadar and sail to fabulous locations such as the beautiful island of Vrgada, Sukosan and the island of Zlarin. You could head onto the Kornati archipelago and explore the gorgeous Zut islan, Piskera and Dugi Otok or you could sail north and head onto the amazing island of Rab, visit with Molat and explore fascinating Velo Losinj. No matter what route you opt to take, a sail through the beautiful waters of the Adriatic Sea will leave you in awe of amazing places to view and visit.

Rent a boat in Zadar and enjoy seven days of amazing sailing through fabulous locations

A sail through Croatia’s north islands provides for an amazing sailing expedition. Rent a boat in Zadar  and explore amazing locations as you explore what makes them truly fascinating. You will enjoy the best of the sailing paradise experience while in the region and relax at some of the best beaches in Croatia or participate in water-sporting games in the glistering waters of the sea.

Leaving Zadar behind, head northwest towards the beautiful Molat Island and visit with the fascinating town of Brulje.  After your visit of Molat, sail eastwards towards the gorgeous island of Dugi Otok, an absolute paradise to many! Be sure to visit with its bewitching beaches and relax by its beautiful waters. After soaking up the sun, gorgeous beaches and beautiful waters, make your way onto the magnificent Kornati islands, every nature lovers’ paradise. Rent a boat in Zadar and discover the islands’ rich history, its beautiful flora and fauna and generally gorgeous surroundings.


Ultimately, no matter which island you choose to visit first, you will be mesmerized by its sheer beauty. There are wonderfully secluded coves in a number of them perfect for your swimming. You will discover some hidden beaches, some of which are considered to be the most wild and remote beaches in Croatia. You will also discover authentic villages representative of the area’s fascinating history.