Sailing in Zadar

Conveniently located in the central part of the eastern Adriatic coast, Zazar provides a great sailing destination or starting point for a number of sailors. The area is enclosed by a beautiful archipelago of islands, each offering a special fascination to its visitors. Sailing in Zadar provides sailors with a stunning beauty that leaves them refreshed in its gorgeous serenity.

Sailing for many, is a relaxing pastime that is greatly enjoyed with smooth glistering crystal clear waters and sweet winds blowing through the air. A nature loving person is always fascinated when out on a sail because you find your routes are stunning natural beauties to behold, for example wonderful islands, beautiful beaches and great cultures and history.

What to look forward to while sailing in Zadar area

An important area with a rich history, Zadar offers bewitching beauty to its visitors, with ancient buildings that span centuries, monuments such as the church Sv Donat which also happens to be the symbol of the region among other old churches in the area. You will embrace a rich culture while enjoying the stunning scenery that is special to the area.

Sailing clothes to wear while sailing in Zadar area

As with any sailing expedition, great care must be taken while choosing the clothes you pack for the sailing adventure. This is because, you may be entering the area for the first time and inappropriate clothing may ruin your sailing. The type of clothes you bring could also depend upon your mode of transport on the waters.


  • You may need sailing gloves to keep your hands warm during the sail, especially if you plan on sailing in the cold weather.
  • Base layers which not only ensure that your health is not compromised but also help in the maintenance of your core body temperature.
  • You need to be extra careful when choosing the kinds of shoes that will be wearing while sailing in Zadar area. You will need to make use of shoes that not only keep your feet warm but also safe, especially while sailing which entails that the boat gets wet and moves
  • Sailing, especially in the summer time, means that you should not forget to pack your sunglasses, since you need them to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. In addition to the sunglasses, you may need a sailing hat.


Sailing in Zadar area provides you with a number of activities to be enjoyed in the beautiful city. You get to enjoy pleasurable sunbathing at the beachside, a bit of swimming and an exciting nightlife with a number of events scheduled dependent upon the time of the year. The area provides its visitors with wonderful sights and sounds that keep them coming back for more.