Sailing in Istria

For a number of sailing enthusiasts, sailing in Istria offers them a beautiful destination, which is why it makes it to a number of itineraries. The largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, Istria is shared by the three countries of Slovenia, Croatia and Italy.
Istria is blessed with a fascinating culture, breathtaking beauty and stunning landscape just waiting for its visitors’ enjoyment.


How to plan a great sailing in Istria experience

As with any other sailing destination, sailing in Istria calls for planning ahead, especially in terms of weather conditions. The Istria coast provides its visitors with beautiful surroundings, luscious vegetation in addition to a number of coves and bays. It is a low and tame coastline which is more lying as compared to other areas with fantastic beaches to look forward to.

For a great sailing in Istria experience, you need to plan well in advance the route that you are going to take, the months of the year that you are going to sail and pack the necessary cloths, safety gadgets and food for your trip. In case you need to hire a sailing vessel, then you need to look into the numerous sailing companies and choose the most appropriate one for you. There are also holiday packages with set itineraries for those who wish to sit back, relax and get sailed through beautiful waters, while discovering all the amazing things attached to this area.

A number of people to the area opt for holiday packages since they let them relax and enjoy their stay to the maximum.


Features destinations while sailing in Istria

Istria is blessed with a number of destinations, where you can anchor during your sail and just admire the beautiful scenery unfold, however, below are a special few:

Brijuni Islands which is a stunning group of islands that attract a number of visitors to admire the natural beauty they behold.

Groznjan which is a fascinating arts colony with a number of sculptors, painters and musicians calling it home over the years. It is an altogether charming town.

Motovun which is a well preserved medieval town with breathtaking views of the gorgeous Istria hills. It is a paraglider’s paradise with fascinating views of the countryside from the walls of the city.

Novigrad which is a small though stunning town on the north-west shore of the Istria Peninsula with fascinating architecture.

Rovinj which is a small walled town that is popular to many with a fascinating historic center. You also get to enjoy a pleasant swim in the coves, a climb to the bell tower which will give you breathtaking views.

Bale which provides a pleasant emptiness to enable its visitors walk through its winding streets while admiring the stunning beauty that the town holds.