Many a sailor set out to the beautifully seductive waters of Croatia’s beautiful Adriatic coast with a number of destinations in mind. Of the numerous destinations on the beautiful waters is Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is not only a gorgeous area to visit while in Croatia, but it is also home to a number of amazing places to tour.


Rent a boat in Dubrovnik area and come explore the gorgeous medieval city of Dubrovnik with its fascinating history, amazing culture and inspiring architecture.  The beautiful climate, warm hospitality from the locals and an easy line-of-sight navigation makes sailing in the Dubrovnik area a wonderful experience for many.

Weather conditions to expect when you rent a boat in Dubrovnik area

Weather conditions you can expect when you rent a boat in Dubrovnik are generally consistent winds during the summer. The winds blow from a north-westerly direction and range from 10 to 20 knots. The temperatures in the summer average between 25 – 28ºC. Light winds are experienced in the months of May through to June while the months from September through to October and beyond bring to the area the dryer and chillier Bora winds

Sailing route to take when you rent a boat in Dubrovnik area

This particular route takes you from Dubrovnik through to Split. The route will leave you amazed by the beautiful scenery, the wonderful waters and climate. This route gives you about eight days of amazing sailing through the shimmering waters of the coast.

Rent a boat in Dubrovnik area and sail to the beautiful island of Sipan. At the island, you will get to explore wonderful villages with fascinating locals. You will get to explore the wonderful village of Sipanska Luka, renowned for activities such as shipping, shipbuilding, fishing, olive growing and wine growing during the Dubrovnik Republic.

After a restful night, you will leave gorgeous Sipan behind and make your way to Mljet, another exotic island on the beautiful Adriatic waters. Activities to indulge in on this island include swimming, sunbathing and sightseeing. You will get to visit with beautiful nature and eat of mouth-watering dishes. This island is a special location for people wishing for a bit of peace and quiet while exploring the beauty it holds and the sea that surrounds it. From Mljet you will sail onto Korcula where amazing history awaits your discovery of the island in addition to fascinating architecture and scenic surroundings. The architecture is a beautiful mix of Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque.


Leaving Korcula behind, sail onto Hvar renowned for its wild night life with a number of bars and coffee shops to explore.  Hvar also holds a beautifully rich history and a fascinating cultural heritage. From Hvar, sail onto Vis with its fascinating cultural and historical heritage. The island has a number of hidden tunnels, a testimony of a time when the island was one of the “forbidden islands” during the communistic era, a time when tourists were forbidden from coming to it. From Vis you will sail to Brac then onto Split, an amazing location with bewitching beauty and a rich cultural and historic heritage.