Sail to fascinating landscapes when you charter a yacht in Skiros

 Skiros which is the largest and most easterly island of the Northern Sporades provides visitors with a rugged island that boasts of a much-indented coastline and a sparse growth of trees. A visit to this region provides you with a view of the quarries of the coarse-grained variegated marble that received a lot of praise in the Roman times.  Though the coasts are steep and inhospitable, you will find a number of beautiful sandy bays to drop anchor and explore the unique beauty of the Island.


You will not fall short of beautiful landscapes to explore while on the island. Since the Island is essentially divided into in terms of sceneries, a tour of the southern part will present you with rock, dry and infertile landscapes; a direct contrast with the northern part that is blessed with a number of forests and beautiful greenery.

When you charter a yacht in Skiros, be sure to drop anchor on one of the bays and explore Chora, the colorful capital of the Island. Here, you will find fascinating architectural styles with whitewashed houses nice alleys and dark colored roofs (a representation of the classic Aegean architectural style). For the beach lovers, you will find a number of sandy, pine-forested and pebble coves and beaches amidst the steep and in some instances rugged landscape that is the island of Skiros.

Archeological monuments and religious sights to visit with while in the region include the Venetian Castle, the monasteries of Saint George and Dimitrios as well as the interesting museums in the region. You could also indulge in a number of activities while in the region such as windsurfing in select beaches, dolphin and seal watching as you make your way to the island and a discovery of the rich and fascinating history to the area.

Since the island is boarded by a number of rocky islets and small islands, it is an ideal place to venture from one settlement to the next when you charter a yacht in Skiros.

Climatic conditions to expect when you charter a yacht in Skiros

Charter a yacht in Skiros and come explore the wondrous nature within. For the best sailing experience, a number of sailors visit the region in the months of July and August owing to the high temperatures and sun hours. However, as with a majority of the sailing destinations in Greece, a Mediterranean climate is to be expected with dry hot summers and mild moist winters.


Technically sailing in the region of Greece is began as early as March and continues on till around November. When you charter a yacht in Skiros, as is the case with a other sailing destinations, you need to check with the weather forecast before sailing off and you need to plan your routes accordingly.