Beauty and climate to expect when you charter a yacht in Sporades

A beautiful archipelago in the north east of Greece, the Sporades provide for a splendid sailing and vacation destination.  The islands are frequented by the more experienced sailors as they sail through the north-westerly Meltemi winds. A sail to the southern ends of the islands however present sailors with calmer winds and sheltered anchorages.

The climatic conditions to the region are such that the summer months are dry and warm with winds that prevail from the north hence providing sailors with fantastic sailing conditions. When you charter a yacht in Sporades, be sure to visit the amazing islands of Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissis and Skros that make up the Sporades group. Each island provides for a beautiful and rather un-spoilt landscape. The landscape ranges from the magnificent mountainous terrain to dense vegetation. A number of gorgeous beaches can be found on the islands in addition to beautiful waters.


The weather conditions to the region are temperatures that range from 20-30c and the months of May and October tending to be a lot colder. The Spring and autumn months have winds that blow from the North.

Charter a yacht in Sporades and discover the different islands in detail

When you charter a yacht in Sporades there are a number of wonderfully beautiful islands to visit. The Skopelos Island comes with a densely wooded slope covered in beautiful pines. A visit to this gorgeous island will leave you in awe of its gorgeous beaches, mesmerizing coastline and a generally beautiful landscape. You can enjoy a bit of windsurfing at the beach or take a dip in its beautiful waters. The island comes with a rich history that spans back to the Neolithic period.

Skiros Island provides for a uniquely different atmosphere as compared to the other islands. There are gorgeous beaches on this island, islets as well as bays. Unfortunately you can’t enjoy scuba diving in Skiros but you can do plenty of sailing and windsurfing, in addition to exploring the amazing museums and interesting sites and fascinating architecture on the island.


Alonissos island which happens to be the cleanest in the Aegean may have a limited amount of beaches to explore but still holds a fascination of its own. There are great hiking spots to indulge in, in addition to the natural landscape to gawk at. You can enjoy a number of water sports such as windsurfing, water-ski and puddle boats in the numerous coves, bays and beaches. There are also interesting historical sites, museums, a national marine park and shipwrecks on the island that await your exploration.

Ultimately, when you charter a yacht in Sporades, you will get to explore the interesting history to the area, the culture as well as traditions of the locals.