Gorgeous lakes to explore when you charter a yacht in Macedonia

Sailing is one recreational activity that is not only relaxing but gives the persons on board a chance to explore the beautiful surroundings on water. A number of people charter a yacht in Macedonia and set sail through the glistering waters of the Ohrid and Prespa Lake.


A cruise on Prespa Lake will leave you in awe of the sheer beauty to the area, from the numerous species of beautiful birds to the wonderful islands with their fascinating surroundings. The lake is prestigiously located between three national parks which mean feasting your eyes on beautiful flora and fauna. In addition, there is pure water, an amazing coastline, and a plethora of bays just waiting for your enjoyment. Though the second largest lake in Macedonia, Prespa Lake is not short of beauty and activities for its visitors’ enjoyment. The region boasts of being the cleanest in Macedonia with its nature barely touched by humans, so you will be essentially getting a raw beauty.  Charter a yacht in Macedonia and set sail to one of the gorgeous islands on the lake, Golem Grad Island with its abundance of animal life, century-old juniper trees as well as a chance to get a glimpse f old settlements from the 11th and 12th centuries when the water levels fall.

As the largest of the three tectonic lakes in Macedonia, the Ohrid Lake is blessed with clean and clear waters, surrounded by serene beauty and provides for a splendid sailing experience while in Macedonia. The region boasts of a uniquely beautiful flora and fauna with gorgeous mountain settings that will leave you captivated and the wonderful sport fishing activity to be enjoyed on the waters.

How to charter a yacht in Macedonia

In order to enjoy a great sailing experience in Macedonia, you need to have a great yacht. You need to check out the companies that rent out the yachts in case you don’t have one of your own. After acquiring the yacht, you need to inspect it, check with the turnbuckle fittings the anchor, the lifelines, and cotton pin integrity and traveler lines among others. This way, you feel safe while sailing through the glistering waters of Macedonia.


As with any trip, the right kind of cloths do matter, so when you charter a yacht in Macedonia, you need to ensure that you have packed the right sailing clothes (these are normally dependent on the weather conditions). Last but definitely not least, you need to check with the weather forecast before setting sail, as you don’t want to encounter bad weather and dampen your sailing experience. As a sailor, with the weather forecast, you will know how the wind will shift and the general weather conditions of the region and day of sail.