Charter a yacht in North Aegean Islands to discover bewitching locations

Located in the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea are breathtaking islands with a lot of fascinations to them. The area comprises of a collection of five big Islands of Samos, Ikaria, Chios, Limnos and Lesvos in addition to eight smaller islands. Each of the islands holds a unique fascination to its visitors from the pristine beaches, to the gorgeous coastline, the sublime waters and bewitching surroundings. Charter a yacht in North Aegean Islands and explore the uniquely beautiful islands within.


Detailed look at the islands for when you charter a yacht in North Aegean Islands

Much as there are approximately 13 Islands that make up the North Aegean Islands, five of them truly stand out both in size and expectations from visitors. A look at the five Islands you can visit when you charter a yacht in North Aegean Islands:

Ikaria, which is home to a number of natural monuments, archaeological sites, thermal springs and traditional settlements. The island of Ikaria not only holds a rich and interesting history, but also embracing an amazing culture and features a number of sport events and religious feasts annually. There are a number of sun-drenched beaches that beckon you to take a load off and relax your day away. Charter a yacht in North Aegean Island and come bask under the gorgeous sun rays on this island.

Limnos, which is home to massive volcanic rocks found in the magnificent town of Myrina. There are also Museums to explore and the Aliki and Hortarolimni lakes to pay a visit to.

Lesvos, which is the birthplace of a woman poet in ancient Greece known as Sappho. There are a number of spiritual and cultural forums in addition to a Zen center on this island. It is also home to golden beaches, perfect for walking along or relaxing under the beautiful sun’s rays. The island is also home to Kaloni, dubbed as Europe’s bird-watching capital which is also rich in wild flowers.


Chios which home to a number of fortified villages that were built in the 14th century during the Genovese rule. The island is home to a number of ancient churches, preserved castle towers, and splendid stone houses. While on this Island, be sure to enjoy its mouthwatering dishes, rich history, amazing museums, and religious feasts that unveil the island’s long tradition in culture and history. The island also comprises of deserted coves and long sandy beaches for your enjoyment.

Samos, which is the birthplace of Pythagoras(a Greek philosopher and mathematician). The island of Samos is home to a number of dazzling archaeological sites, old monasteries and churches in addition to white-sand beaches, lush vegetation and traditional villages.

Other islands include Psara,Ayios Minas, Thymaina, Antipsara, FournoI, Samiopoula,Oinousses, and Ayios Efstratios.