Discover fascinating history and unfold breathtaking beauty when you charter a yacht in Amalfi coast

Italy is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and everything done in this breathtaking country seems to have a touch of romance to its. When sailing along the clear blue waters you can’t help but feel the romance;  from the beautiful sun rays kissing your body to the bewitching beauty that unfolds before your eyes. Charter a yacht in Amalfi coast and explore gorgeous islands, rugged landscapes, beautiful beaches and plenty of glamorous nightlife.  A sail through this gorgeous region will mean a wonderful blend of fascinating history and beautiful nature, all of which are geared to provide you with the unique charm to the area.

You will be sailing from one gorgeous island to the next through the sparkling Mediterranean waters. You will be relaxing at some of the most beautiful beaches to the region and discover amazing ruins, picturesque villages and mesmerizing landscapes. You will also get to eat of mouth-watering dishes, most especially the sumptuous fresh seafood.

Sailing route to use when you charter a yacht in Amalfi Coast

When you charter a yacht in Amalfi coast, there are a number of routes to follow or include in your itinerary, however, this particular route will take you seven absolutely beautiful days to sail from the beautiful island of Procida through to Naples and back to Procida.

Day 1 of your route will transport you from the tiny island of Procida, off the coast of Naples with its fascinating archeological sites and quaint buildings. You could then sail onto the gorgeous island of Ischia, which is also the largest island in the Bay of Naple. While on this island, you can visit with the beautiful beaches, historical monuments and therapeutic hot springs.


On the second day of your sail, you will set sail to Sorrento, a beautiful town that dates back to the Greek times. Here, you will enjoy stunning views over the Bay of Naple and explore the ruins of ancient Pompeli before sailing onto Naples.

Naples, which takes up the third day of your sailing venture will bring you to gorgeous location with an extraordinary history. You will be able to visit with a fascinating Archaeological museum and enjoy the beautiful sceneries to the region.

On day four of your sail, you will visit with the beautiful rock coast of Amalfi with its cliff-top vistas, bright blue skies and an indigo sea. There are also amazing dramatic trails to explore and stunning towns. Leaving Amalfi behind, set sail to the charming Isle of Capri with its dramatic rocky coastline and sheer natural beauty, not forgetting its sweet-smelling citrus groves and natural caves.  Following this, you will set sail back to Procida.

Ultimately, when you charter a yacht in Amalfi coast, you are gearing up for a wonderful sailing experience.