Charter a yacht in Emilia Romagna and discover its wondrous beauty

Located between the River Po and the Apennine Mountains, Emilia Romagna provides for a wonderful holiday destination. It is especially alluring to sailors due to its crystal clear waters and wonderful surroundings. Breathtaking views can be enjoyed in this region owing to its diverse location between the mountains and the Sea

A sail through the beautiful Emilia Romagna region provided for a splendid experience which is why a number of sailors make their way to this magical region of Northern Italy. Charter a yacht in Emilia Romagna and relax at pristine beaches, enjoy beautiful sceneries and indulge in a number of water sports while in the area. Be sure to take a look at some of the amazing historical sites to the area in the picturesque towns or take a cruise through the calm blue seas.


Why you should charter a yacht in Emilia Romagna

When you charter a yacht in Emilia Romagna, you know that you are going to have the time of your life.  A sailing expedition allows you to leave your busy everyday life and take time to enjoy wonderful surroundings. As cool breezes kiss your sun-drenched skins, you will get to visit with mesmerizing locations. You will get to visit with pristine beaches, go snorkeling as you discover exotic underground creatures or indulge in a bit of windsurfing.

Wonderful nature awaits your exploration as you sail through gorgeous waters. You will get to visit with fascinating places such as Ferrara, which provides for a perfectly preserved Renaissance splendor. Enjoy the fascinating architecture to the area as you take a plunge into its fascinating history.


Nature loving enthusiasts can charter a yacht in Emilia Romagna and visit with the numerous regional parks and national parks, rich in beautiful flora and fauna. You can also enjoy a bit of kayaking, trekking, horse-riding or cycling while in the region.

When you charter a yacht in Emilia Romagna, you are essentially taking your hotel with you wherever you go. This means that you don’t have to leave a hole in your pocket just so you can have a fabulous time. Gone are the days when sailing was looked on as an activity to be enjoyed by only the rich. With proper planning, you too can enjoy a marvelous sailing holiday. You can opt to share the costs with your friends and family by booking into a vessel that is big enough to accommodate you all.  In addition, money can be saved on meals since a number of yachts come fully equipped with a kitchen. This way, instead of dropping anchor and paying for expensive meals, you can make your own as you sail through the glistering waters.