Charter a yacht in Fethiye and enjoy a fascinating sailing destination

Fethiye as is with much of Turkey is blessed with beautiful blue waters and a great sailing climate for an enjoyable sailing experience. When you charter a yacht in Fethiye,  you get to enjoy sailing through clear blue waters surrounded with beautiful sceneries. As you cruise the paradise that is the Mediterranean sea, you get to explore different islands, embrace the rich history to the islands and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


The pleasure of sailing through shimmering blue waters, with the wonderful breeze blowing at you and gazing on the passing fascinating landscapes is all that a sail through the Mediterranean calls for. Dependent on the island that you anchor at, there are beautiful white sandy beaches to be enjoyed, with a sport of snorkeling or swimming to be enjoyed.

Charter a yacht in Fethiye to sail to the beautiful Dalyan River. You will get to enjoy fascinating archaeological sites, ancient ruins such as the elaborate tombs, beautiful sceneries and grand temples of stone for their dead among others. There are Turkish mud baths to be enjoyed in addition to the hot springs and fascinating people to interact with.

The colorful marine life to the region is a splendid one and is backed up by gorgeous penetrating caves, craggy rock formations, steep drop-offs among other natural beauties.  You get to hope through the beautiful islands for example the Gemiler Island with its rich history and an amazing culture.

Things to do when you charter a yacht in Fethiye

Fethiye as a fascinating town has a number of things for its visitors to do that will make their stay enjoyable and educational. There are market bazaars where you can get a souvenir or two, wonderful architecture to gaze upon as you walk through beautiful streets and a rich history with a charming culture to embrace while in the area.


Important to remember when you charter a yacht in Fethiye  and it is the first time that you are setting sail. You need to watch where  you are going considering that sailboats come with a number of wires and lines. When your sailboat heels over or leans over as you are sailing, don’t be alarmed that the boat will be capsized, rather, you should be aware that while sailing, it is normal for your boat to heel over. You should ensure that the appropriate pieces of cloth are worn during the sailing expedition. It is recommended that you pack a waterproof jacket in addition to an extra change of clothes in expectation of the water spray that you might receive while sailing. You also need to wear sensible shoes to a boat, with the recommended ones being those with a good tread