Explore a charming small village when you charter a yacht in Gocek

From a small charming village to a strong artistic influence, Gocek offers visitors a lot more than a fantastic destination to explore, it offers a sailing destination for a number of water-lovers. A rich heritage awaits visitors to explore in addition to fabulous surroundings. For people that love sailing as a sport or adventure, when they charter a yacht in Gocek, they get to enjoy little crowds of people on the sail in addition to some of the most beautiful sailing grounds to the East of the Mediterranean.


When you charter a yacht I Gocek, you get to explore ancient ruins, mountainous pine-forested shores as well as peaceful anchorages adorning Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. There are bays and secluded coves to be enjoyed, ones that are great for your swimming pleasure. You also get to enjoy sunbathing at beautiful beaches, snorkeling and points of interest to take wonderful pictures from.

Charter a yacht in Gocek and enjoy fascinating highlights

The wonderful sailing conditions in Turkey’s Lycian Coast call for a wonderful sailing experience in the region.  There are a number of fascinating locations to pay a visit to while in the region, locations that offer an amazing mix of ancient as well as modern architecture in addition to fascinating surroundings. Some of the places worth visiting include:


While in Ekincik, you get a lot more than beautiful turquoise waters, you get to drop at fascinating anchorages along the beautiful coast with beautiful beaches to relax at; you get to explore ancient ruins and fascinating surroundings.


Explore the beautiful town of Fethiye with its welcoming ambiance holding a beautiful blend of a rich history, fascinating surroundings and beautiful locations to visit.


Charter a yacht in Gocek and explore beautiful waters. A great place to sit back and relax while taking in beautiful surroundings.

Kapi Creek:

This heavily indented coastline is a fascinating place to visit. It is blessed with beautiful anchorages, an amazing coastline and luscious greenery. The hills are heavily forested and  picturesque, great locations for taking breathtaking pictures. You also get to enjoy a sport of snorkeling or swimming in deep, clear blue waters.


Ultimately, a sail to this region lets you enjoy a wonderful sailing experience with beautiful weather conditions, a chance to explore fantastic places. You get to enjoy the wonderful cool sea breezes as you sail through clear blue waters. You get to enjoy mouth-watering meals, explore ancient ruins and enjoy a fascinatingly rich history blended with a charming culture. The sandy white beaches call for a relaxing time to be enjoyed sun-bathing and taking in beautiful surroundings.