Charter a yacht in Antalya and enjoy beautiful nature

Antalya is blessed with a rich history and wonderful art, it is one of the most archaeologically concentrated regions of Turkey. Beautiful Antalya is located between Fethiye and Alanya which embarrassed early roman civilizations such as the Lycian and Karian, iin addition  to a  number of cities that date back 2300 years such as Arikanda, Myra, Phaselis, Telmessos, Olympos, Perge, Aspendos, Simena, Xanthos, Antiphellos and Andriake among many others. Within these areas are amazing archaeological remains.


When you charter a yacht in Antalya, you could enjoy a wonderful sail to cayagzi delta that is blessed with a number of interesting features and sandy beaches. There is luxurious greenery to be enjoyed,  museums, clear blue waters to swim on, sandy white beaches to relax on and a number of gifts and souvenirs to take back home.

Tips on how to charter a yacht in Antalya

Antalya with all its beautiful sceneries calls for a blissful chartering experience. In case you don’t have access to your own yacht, you could rent one and enjoy the glistering blue waters of the region. When you decide to charter a yacht in Antalya, you could either opt for one with minimal crew, one with the full crew or a bareboat. A full crew comprises of a captain, a skipper, a chef, a cleaning personnel as well as a planner to sort out your activities. You could opt for a holiday package that includes other passengers, or a private charter that only includes you or your group.

A bareboat charter on the other hand would entail that have knowledge of the underlying area, this way you don’t run the risk of getting lost or cruising to the wrong parts of the waters while enjoying a great adventurous time. In case you don’t have knowledge of the area but would still prefer to take on a bareboat, then you could make use of a skipper . Before settling on a particular yacht, it is best to take time to research on the type that would best suit your needs, this way the time and frustration that goes into sorting out a charter that you don’t need in the first place is avoided.


Sailboat charters are chosen by those who want to enjoy more than the shimmering waters, it is for those who want to embrace the elements of the marine life, the ocean and the wind. You will embrace the natural beauty that is found in the area while the wind engulfs you in a beautiful breeze.

Ultimately, when you charter a yacht in Antalya  you are sure to enjoy beautiful sceneries, breeze through clear blue waters and enjoy old remains.