Located at the head of a long and narrow gulf is the beautiful city of Izmir. The region offers its visitors mild climatic conditions with the summer months spewing forth a constant and refreshing sea breeze. With its shimmering crystal clear blue waters, wonderful climatic conditions and superb location, it is no wonder that many a sailor opt to rent a sailboat in Izmir  and proceed to explore the region’s stunning surroundings.


Activities to indulge in when you rent a sailboat in Izmir

The stunning city of Izmir is blessed with a rich culture heritage and fascinating history. Among the numerous activities to indulge in while in the area are surfing, scuba diving, sightseeing, and fishing to mention but a few. The area is home to a number of gorgeous beaches for your enjoyment. Different aspects of the area offer visitors with new beautiful angles of the city, from the remains of ancient civilizations to the gorgeous landscape, not forgetting the clear blue waters and ideal climatic conditions that make the area a superb sailing destination. Rent a sailboat in Izmir and discover what makes this gorgeous region a superb sailing destination.

Within the city walls, you can take a stroll through the beautiful streets and admire the architectural designs of the buildings, or you can pay a visit to one of the art galleries and browse through amazing collections. You can also take part in a number of festivals, dependent on the time of the year or visit with the theaters. The city is home to a number of bazaars, malls, shopping centers and markets that give you an opportunity to shop. For your entertainment, there are a number of bars, night clubs and restaurants to take part in, in addition to the numerous sports and recreational facilities available.

Rent a sailboat in Izmir and discover the magic and history to the region

Izmir which housed the empire of Alexander the Great, the Hittites and the Romans has a lot to offer its visitors. Be sure to pay a visit to the Kadifekale Castle, which was inspired by Alexander the great while in the region. You will also get to embrace the ancient ruins of a Roman period, Agora and take a glimpse at remarkable collections of roman artifacts as well as ancient art crafts at the Archeological Museum. In addition, you should pay a visit to the symbol of Izmir, the Izmir Clock Tower.


Rent a sailboat in Izmir and explore the beautiful Kusadasi Gulf. Enjoy a sport of swimming and relaxation as you cruise along glistering waters. Be sure to pay a visit to the numerous natural bays, coves and inlets along the way and enjoy a bit of scuba diving.