Turkey provides for a splendid sailing destination, with its clear blue waters, beautiful climate and fascinating sceneries. There are a number of sailing start-points that you can utilize while in the region. You can set sail from Gocek, Marmaris or Fethiye is sailing along the Lycian coast takes your fancy or you can opt for a sail from Bodrum.  When you charter a yacht in Fethiye much like the rest of the southern area of the Aegean, you will be cruising the numerous gulfs, bays, and inlets of mainland Turkey as opposed to the large island-based sailing in the Mediterranean. You will not be missing out on much as a sail through this region provides for a spectacular experience. This is because it boasts of unique geographical features that make a spending sailing experience.


As you sail along the beautiful Lycian coast, you will be awed by the massive mountain ranges that drop into the clear blue sea, thereby carving the shore into a wonderful procession of hidden bays, tiny coves, and immaculate beaches. There are a number of ruins from the Byzantine, Roman and Greek ancient cities and a beautiful display of pine and olive trees that cram the coast and await your exploration.

Things to do both onshore and offshore when you charter a yacht in Fethiye

Charter a yact in Fethiye and come explore the amazing historical sites to the region. Come sail through clear blue waters with the wonderful sea breeze blowing at you, or drop into the clear waters for some terrific swimming. The night comes alive with a number of nightclubs and bars ready for your enjoyment, a time to dance, be merry and enjoy a drink or two!


On the other hand, for a more relaxing feel of the place, you could visit with any one of the tavernas and restaurants in the area and enjoy a perfect time out on the open air terrace. You can visit with the Museum with its exciting stele from Letoon or take part in any one of the inland excursions to places such as Xanthos, Olu Deniz, and Patara.

Anchorages for when you charter a yacht in Fethiye

There are a number of anchorages to the region such as the Fethiye Bay with good shelter from all directions save from the east. Cape Batikkaya which is just about 1nM north of the town offers sailors anchorage and good shelter  from the prevailing W/NW winds although they remain open to the easterlies. Skopea Limani anchorage is a tad bit crowded owing to its proximity to the Gocek Marina and Fethiye while Kucuk Kuyruk provides for a small but delightful anchorage with a gorgeous sandy beach at its head and wonderful shelter from the prevailing winds. While OluDeniz is a completely land locked and beautiful lagoon with a beach backed up by shabby hotels.