Project Description

In the beautiful Adriatic Sea we find Croatia. The country is narrow and offer a lot of varied climate. In the north it borders to the alps and stretches southwards towards the Mediterranean regions. The coastline of Croatia is famous for its clear waters and the comfortable Mediterranean climate . The Croatian coastline is impressive 5835 km long, this includes over a thousand islands and the coast of mainland. Sailing in Croatia is is increasingly popular and today we offer more than 2500 boats in the area.

Croatia is well worth to experience by sea. The most popular regions to sail out from is Pula in north, Zadar, Sukosan, Buigrand and Split in the middle parts of Croatia, and Dubrovnik in the south.  Between all of these main areas are a numerous of islands, islets and lagoons.

Croatia has become the favorite of many sailors!


To start your trip from Split is both practical when it comes to the airports connecting flights and ideally when it comes to the nearby sailing areas. The area between Split and Zadar has many islands with small and medium sized settlements well worth a visit.

Hvar is only a short sail from Split. This town offer a pulsating environment, day as night.  The area has several nearby islands with blue lagoons and other great experiences.


Zadar is located in the middle of Croatia, and has several direct flights from abroad. Our marinas are just a short car ride away from the airports. Zadar is a city with a rich history and is worth visiting before you set sails.

To sail out from Zadar gives immediate access to an island paradise few other destinations can compare with. Kornati Islands National Park with its about 150 islands, tall cliffs and peaceful bays are some of what the Zadar region has to offer.


Dubrovnik is located all south in Croatia and is called «Pearl Of The Adriatic«, which is fully understandable. The city is today listed on the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Outside of Dubrovnik lays the island group Elaphite Islands, consisting of Korcula, Peljesac and Mljet. The area offers great anchoring possibilities  whether you wish for small town, beaches or secluded bays. The summer seasons brings a lot of tourism to these parts of Croatia.


Pula is on the Istria peninsula with the Adriatic Sea on one side and green land areas on the other. Pula is an old city and is very affected by Italy.

To sail out from Pula with your own boat is a great way to experience this part of Croatia. Whether you chose to rent a boat from Pula or another place in the area, we can truly recommend Pula a visit